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NAME: Dustin
AGE: 23
JOURNAL: [personal profile] ihackeveryone
IM / EMAIL: dustinddh @ gmail .com

CHARACTER NAME: Elliot Alderson
SERIES: Mr. Robot
CHRONOLOGY: Season 1, Episode 10
CLASS: Anti-hero


PERSONALITY: Elliot is the definition of the anti-hero. While his overall aim is to do good in the world and "save" people from the clutches of the power-hungry, part of him longs to participate in that world and feel normal by society's standards. He cares for people in the general sense, but refuses to get close to them out of fear of becoming too reliant on the happiness that it brings him.

He is extremely distrusting of people in general, with an insatiable urge to dig up dirt on his contacts. Highly proficient in computer hacking, he learns everyone's deep dark secrets and the most mundane and intricate parts of their lives. In this sense, he relies on people's secrets and unlocking those secrets to understand people rather than by conventional sense of human connection.

Due to his troubled childhood, he suffers from severe mental health issues and high dependency to morphine and prescription pills. Both of these prove to be vices to numb his emotional pain and feelings of loneliness. Hacking and online vigilantism proved to be an outlet to do good and stop people or groups he viewed as evil without actually interacting with people. This skill also proved to be a reason to justify his own anxiety to himself which has recently festered into paranoia. Still, his overall aim proves to be conventionally good-intentioned if not with with a few self-induced pit falls.

As of late, Elliot's truest aim is to do good even if by nefarious means. Coupled with the memories of what tore his family apart and his unrest with the current state of society as a whole, he's put himself to task of a modern day, technological Robin Hood- bringing an in-universe conglomerate to its knees and wiping the debt of the people of the world. In his mind, this frees people of the grip that money holds over society. A construct he claims to hate so much, but refuses to give up on. Elliot is a complicated mix of both cynical and hopeful. In his mind, the doomed world is a matter of fact but it's one he wants to save and believe it can change.

POWER: No canon powers. Technopath, the ability to control and manipulate technology and intricate machinery with his mind, as well as thought projection, the ability to plant ideas into someone's mind at will.



[Elliot clenched his jaw, he wasn't sure if it was nerves or the sense that he was betraying everything he'd ever believed about the outside world, not to interact with it or any person in it if whatsoever avoidable. The camera lens was like staring into the abyss, except it was staring back and right through him.]


[A dull shake ran up his body. Nerves.]

My name is Elliot. I- I'm not really good at this whole thing. Back home I at least knew that I was doing the world some good but now I'm here and..

[How could something so unassuming seem so judgmental. The camera wasn't watching him, just.. everyone else was or would be.]

Maybe- maybe I can do some good here too. If this place is real, if you're real.. hello. And remember, stay awake.

[Elliot nodded, the dull ache was setting in hard. He opened his mouth to speak again but nothing came out. He shut the camera off hastily.


Elliot had barely tried to stand before he felt the weight give him around his knees. He was dizzy, had he messed up his meds? No, not possible- he never did that. This felt different and he mostly certainly wasn't in his apartment. This room was bigger if not as dimly lit.

He looked around for any sign of familiarity and searched his mind for memories of what had happened... however long ago before he got here. Nothing. It was empty. He'd just gone to answer a knock at his door and before any face came into focus he had blacked out. There were people talking to him but it was too muffled. He was confused and tired and this didn't make any sense. There were others there. They looked confused too, except for a few people standing off to the side who seemed to be watching. But they weren't looking at him, or anyone else for the matter, specifically. Like a kid watching from behind the glass at the zoo.

He turned to one of the muffled faces speaking to him and finally found control of his vocal chords.

"Wh-where are we? Are you real?"

The figures responded with.. not confusion. No, just.. a stern look of indifference. His wrist was burning hot. He pulled back his leave. A tattoo? He hated tattoos, they were too specific. Like giving away your secret before someone even asks the question.


And it all went black again.


Elliot's fatal flaw is his lack of emotional control and perception of reality, this will make him pretty volatile at the start. No possessions on him, that's sorta his thing except for his safety blanket hoodie. He never goes anywhere without it.
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